Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Magic Is Back

Doing a little research, I came across a tagline the Mets used probably in the mid 80s - "The Magic Is Back" and, anyone who saw tonight's game would agree. A lot of wheels in motion - runners going, extra bases being taken (Jose - some may boo you for trying to take third - I applaud it as it brought it two runs).

Who would have thought that....1) The Mets are now in First.....2) Tonight's winning run would be by a BB and 3) Frankie Rod would go two innings -- (Disclosure here...I get batty when announcers proclaim that a closer pitches 4 outs or goes beyond one inning...have em look up Rollie Fingers and see what a real reliever did).

Starting pitching is threatening and looks like its going to be a petrified line-up. I am going to quote a friend of mine here, ML who is a die hard Mets fan from day one (yeah, THAT day one - Polo Grounds, Casey Stengel, Choo Choo Coleman days)...he lives in Atlanta too...so this was a solid W in his eyes as we chatted tonight...ML stated that he believes Oliver Perez should look up a realtor in Port St. Lucie. For those who can't pronounce the aforementioned town, just say "Single A."

Tomorrow I am taking the afternoon off and going to CitiField with three friends and cheering on the Metropolitans.

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