Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Missed Base Debacle...

In my lifetime I have seen many key sporting events, in person, on TV and always reveled in being there. Taking home a memory (a la Robin Ventura's grand slam single) is something cherished.

However, the Man Upstairs knows how much of a devout Mets fan I am and spared me the pains of the 5 error, Ryan Church mis-step. Only saw the first two or three innings before the sandman tossed his weapon.

When I heard about the sloppiness, I was beside myself. But, listening to Jerry Manuel on today's pregame broadcast on WFAN, he said the team was mad at themselves and showed how they want to win. OK, let's use this game as a catalyst.

The lineup last night resembled a shell of the regulars...But, a team of 9 on any given day...

Aw right, the Mets are on TV now...let me go to Church (and tell him to hit the bases).

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