Wednesday, May 06, 2009

3 In A Row (W's) - Where's the Run Support for Santana

It is a rule (no such thing) that when Santana pitches, no one bats -- on either side. Today he squeaked by in a gem - 1-0 over the Phillies. (Incidentally, the Phils are the first team this year to score 0-to-13 runs. Don't think of me as a stats genius. I know this for a fact since I was in a 13-0 pool and it concluded last night).

So, Johan is 4-1 with an ERA thinner than Bobby Sands' final weight. Like the economy, this team will turn around. The new park, the new rotation - we are NOT completely out of it yet. There are up streaks and down streaks.

A very good friend just IMed me and shared that Ollie is on the DL for tendinitis in his knee: I think one of my Italian brethren got to him and bopped his knees. So, our go to guy is Jonathan Niese...let's see.

That same friend seems to be abuzz on reports he heard about Dillon Gee. I have not seen Gee pitch, but, hope he's going to be great. I mean, you can't deny calling an Ace Pitcher - Gee Whiz.

While we are on semi (maybe BAD? pun nicknames) check out the Rockies Dexter Fowler. After he stole 5 bags last week, the name "Fowler the Prowler" came to mind...come to think of it, the Mets need to be running the bags more....

Since we are going in a positive direction in mini series (2 games)...Here's to a sweep tomorrow!

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