Saturday, May 30, 2009

If Anyone Sees The Mets REAL Line Up, Let Me Know....(It Can Probably Be Found on a Milk Carton

Taking a look at the Mets line-up today, I thought Bill Veeck was back pulling a trick.

To quote Jerry Seinfeld's alleged line, "Who Are These People?" is the best way to phrase it.

Ben Shpiegel sums it up from his New York Times article...

And Redding...ugh....what a bad outing. Soon, if this keeps up, he will be known more as a distant relative of Joyce Randolph than being a ball player.

Tidbits...A good friend of mine wrote to me..."hold up, is it just me, or is Omir Santos an updated (and clutch) version of Paul LoDuca?" and I replied...."Hopefully --- but only in the era where LoDuca was relevant. (Remember, they don't build em like Jerry Grote, Duffy Dyer or...**GULP** Choo Choo Coleman any more)."

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