Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ward or Dugout?

Seems like there are some hurtin' bods in Queens (and now on the West Coast)...Delgado's hip, now Putz's elbow and Reyes too is getting sore.

Too many integral guys getting aches at the wrong time - and the time zone change doesn't help much - that's for sure. The Mets need to realize the team doesn't revolve around 1 injury and must cover for it.

I just turned on the SF - Mets game and what astonishes me is how many empty seats there are. A downright crime.

My good friend and Mets fan from the Casey Stengel days (ML) just IMed me with a nice nugget of wisdom...I agree...he states: "... nice challenge move to bat Sheffield in the 4 spot. Manuel sends a dual message of respect to a vet, and simultaneously challenges him to produce."

I like ML's viewpoint. SF is soft target, and after the first AB it produced a dividend - a hit and an RBI

In other areas....Maybe this guy can teach some of the Mets how to run out hits.... Streaker (Jose Reyes, I hope you are reading this...I LOVE ya, but you gotta learn to hustle a bit more...Willie R is gone...Jerry M is the man now).

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Don't trust 'em!!! (MC)