Monday, May 18, 2009

WOLF in Sheep's Clothing

The game is about to start in a few minutes, so I may dash out of here before you read the next sen.....

(fooled ya) tence.

But one of the oddest pitchers (to me, that is) is facing the Mets - Randy Wolf. On paper, he has some great days - lot of strikeouts. But often erratic. The prognostication I have is that we will be seeing some interesting pitching and a mix of pitches, especially against a lineup that is, in essence, going into the Roman, er Los Angeles Coliseum (well, Dodger Stadium, but you get the drift).

Too many regular Mets are out. If a Martian landed and saw no Reyes, no Delgado, no Schneider and now, oddly, no Cora, he would be perplexed.

So, with the balance of the line up a bit influx, I think Wolf will get a lot of Ks, but the Mets will be gritty.

One thing I wanted to run by all you reader(s)* -- hoping it is plural -- is that every year, early on, the Mets have had some nice numbers from unheralded players. In '07, Jose Valentin, in '08, Angel Pagan and this year, Fernando Tatis. (Yeah, I'm a FernANdo).

First pitch is about to be thrown -- and so is your first tomato at me....I'll see ya later.

Let's Go Mets!

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