Monday, June 30, 2008

Cardinals (Bird) -- Mets (Windshield)

Redbirds treated the Mets like a windshield today and just plastered them with runs.

Not much to write about. Blase' game.

Let's reconnect tomorrow.

Oh, and a special congrats (though not baseball related) to my good friend, MLT who will be tying the knot on July 5...Keep that Blackberry on during the ceremony for Mets updates.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Perez and Delgado Shut Me Up Today -- And I Am Grateful

As you may have inkled (that is past tense for an inkling) in several recent posts, I have gone postal over the performances of Ollie Perez and Carlos Delgado. Let's face it, the reasons have been legit, but I don't write for the sole purpose of bashing, but rather a personal analysis, color commentary and a bit of mystery tossed in.

So, today, I buckled my seat belt upon taking my seat (incidentally, I "walked" down a bit -- a few rows closer.

The place was packed and there was a good rivalry. But, you always get nervous with Perez. He was nothing short of brilliant. 8Ks, 0BB and 7 Innings....seems Koufax-like numbers, but I am not set to anoint ""46" as the next "32." Ollie didn't panic. And you could sense it. There was only 1 time where it looked like the Yankees would tie it up, but he kept his cool. Kept the pitching white-hot.

Delgado has been on fire. Another HR...I think I have seen maybe 6 of these in person.

What a thrill to beat the Yankees. On our grass. In our house. Which will be a flat land, eerily taken away by -- not eminent domain - but always remembered. And, the sandman, Ole Billy Wagner, shut em down.

Check out the box score for posterity, proof and pride.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tommy, This Was For You

OK. I'm not happy the Mets lost, but it was kind of ironic that the Mets were playing the Yankees on June 28.

Four years ago, June 28, 2004 at around 3:30 p.m., I lost a good friend, a rival sports fan (he loved the Yankees, me, the Mets) and a true beacon in my life, My Uncle Tommy.

He was a Yankee fan as a kid and even saw Babe Ruth play. But, he's not with us anymore. We would have been going back and forth about the teams if we watched these subway series together...Well, Tommy, I miss ya big time, but your team got the win, congrats. I hope you watched the game with your Yankee Idols in the sky.

That win was for you Tommy. It's a big sacrifice for me to say that, but you gave a lot out of your life to me and this is your "W"



Friday, June 27, 2008

Trounce The Yanks On Their Turf

Today was the first time this year I went 'cross town to the rivals' Yankees house and I must say, a friend and I were treated to a great game. Originally, this was slated for a Friday in May, but was rained out.

Mets were nothing short of brilliant. I have been rough, tough and salty on Delgado, but today, he had a very good day. 2 Hrs (one a granny, one a 3-run and doubled in 2 to give him 9RBI.
See Box Score

In essence, the Mets of today were like the Mets of 05, 06 and early 07 - run scoring machines.

Tonight, the second part of the day-night doubleheader, they are being shut out in the 7th. Boys, I hope that rally happens.

Well, on to Sunday, where I will be back at Shea and I just saw that --- GULP ---- Ollie Perez is pitching.

Not that I root against him, but he's consistent..that is, unpredictable. That's what we KNOW - but we don't know the outcome. All I ask is that Ollie has a break-out like Delgado.

Incidentally, Michael Kay on ESPN Radio was saying that Delgado's efforts today was a result of Major League pitching gone diluted.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Met - Greg McMichael

Hard to believe its been 10 years since Greg McMichael was on the Mets.

Seems like he was a human yo-yo in the trade wars..take a look at this:

April 16, 1991: Signed as a Free Agent with the Atlanta Braves.

November 25, 1996: Traded by the Atlanta Braves to the New York Mets for a player to be named later and Paul Byrd. The New York Mets sent Andy Zwirchitz (minors) (May 25, 1997) to the Atlanta Braves to complete the trade.

June 4, 1998: Traded by the New York Mets with Dave Mlicki to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Brad Clontz and Hideo Nomo.

July 10, 1998: Traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers with cash to the New York Mets for Brian Bohanon.

July 31, 1999: Traded by the New York Mets with Jason Isringhausen to the Oakland Athletics for Billy Taylor.

Interesting...Traded twice within a month...Betcha there are tons of McMichael Dodger jerseys STILL collecting dust in the .99 Cent Stores across the world...The Mets should be trading one pitcher named Ollie Perez -- and take cash -- even if it is counterfeit Cuban currency.

Looks like McMichael is extremely religious:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wright Rights The Ship Against The Mariners

Little tired tonight here, but the W is important.

Third sacker, #5, David Wright showed the player he really is and launched two. Hopefully this is a confidence builder for him and the team. Box Score

Is it me, or is it odd that the Mets have trouble against the bad teams, but play the good teams well?

Well, time to get ready for the Subway series...I am heading to Yankee Stadium for the Friday afternoon game, then coming home and watching the night portion of the day/night double header. Oh, and returning to Shea on Sunday too!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mariners Sink Mets

This loss was on par to the Titanic, General Slocum and the Sultana as far as sinking goes. 11-0 loss to the lowly Mariners.

I'm too sick to even include the box score. What if one day, long after we are all gone, archivists look for it. I don't want to be cited or associated with a loss such as this.

Mets need to hire a movie director who can go up and down the 25 man roster and yell "CUT!!! CUT!!!" Hope they point to Delgado, Heilman, and, oh, yes, a new fave, Ollie Perez. I am afraid to fathom how many losses their combined stats and efforts put the Mets in this quicksand.

I'm still a fan. I survived the badball of the 90s. I have missed only about 5 games on TV (traveling internationally) since 2006...Will Shawn Green come out of retirement? Will the Mets have a new first baseman next year?

I am slated to go to 2 of the 4 subway series games this coming weekend. Just hope I get a chance to use my lungs in a positive way.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pitchers on Bad Teams Hitting Grand Slams Against Santana??? No. You Are NOT on LSD

So, if you take a close look at the box score and see Felix Hernandez' line you will note what looks to be a picket fence: 1 1 1 and then an ominous "4" at the far right.

How does something like this happen? Mariners have a bad enough record as it is, but Santana grooved on and Hernandez made him the bug while he became the windshield and chased 3 ducks off the sack.

Let's talk about irony here for a sec. The Seattle Mariners have been around since 1977 and Hernandez is the FIRST pitcher to clock an HR...This also comes on the 37th anniversary of Rick Wise pitching a no hitter AND hitting two home runs in the same game...and the LAST AL pitcher to hit a grand slam was Steve Dunning who accomplished the feat in 1971 against the A's on May 11, 1971 Box Score...Finally, in Jim Bouton's classic book, Ball Four, he talks about a pitcher that hit an inside the park grand slam home run (if I recall correctly). A reporter asked him after the game what his thoughts were and he said he didn't like it because (tongue in cheek), "it put pressure on all the rest of the pitchers on the team to hit inside the park grand slams." Oh, the pitcher in question who hit it? Mel Stottlemyre who was in the Seattle dugout tonight.

Message of Morals - Don't lose to the Mariners again

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Blame Game

Willie bo Willie
Banana fana fo Fillie
Fee Fi Fo Fillie -- WILLIE.
The Blame Game..

A tune of the 1960s (The Name Game, recorded by Shirley Ellis) has that perpetual chorus and that is what we seem to be hearing nearly a week after the dismissal of the beloved/(be-hated***? - depending who you ask) Willie Randolph.

George Vescey has an interesting column in today's New York Times worth a gander: "The Blame Game"

Regardless, I loved Willie, but he is gone. We have to give Jerry the respect he deserves as skipper and support him to win. We must remember the old adage, "The King is Dead, Long Live the King."

NOTES: Good win today for the Mets, 3-1 over the Rockies. Interestingly, these two teams were the ones who epitomized two words last year: Ascent and Nadir. The Mets, though it has been drilled many times, took a downward skid, and the Rockies had their 15 minutes of fame (stretched out over a 20+ Win in a shade over 20+ games in the home stretch. And, both teams are shells of themselves. Baseball is a game of changes...that's what makes it wonderful.

Light schedule tomorrow, but Santana is pitching...Always worth the price of admission...

***I Know. It's not a word.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Pedro Implosion

Just when I thought Pedro was grooving it in there, the score became 6-1 and Senor Martinez was strolling to the bench after being pulled.

A sign of things going wrong? When Ubaldo Jimenez (Footnote - it is pronounced different than what my friends and enemies call ME - "you Bald-o") who was 0-for-34+ got two hits in the game. (see box score) - That, is something that should NOT happen.

Momentum is up despite being down 6-1 now as I write in the lower 7th.

Mariners coming to town Monday. This should be interesting. Two teams - new managers. Top pitchers slated (Santana, Felix Martinez).

Stay tuned.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thanks to MLB Managers. The Employment Report for June Will Reflect a Deficit

Another day, another job opening. But, this is not for a slot at McDonalds, but rather at the helm of an MLB dugout.

The Mariners, (Jhon Maclaren) and the Blue Jays (John Gibbon) and our beloved Metropolitans have replaced skippers. When you think of it, that is 10% of the entire teams are cutting their managerial force. Jack Welch must be proud. He espoused the idea of cutting 10% of a business every year.

How far reaching is this? Well, the following article by David Lengel of the UK's Guardian covered it. Since when is the UK interested in baseball? My view, the more the merrier!
See: Mariners match Mets for incompetence on and off the field

Tonight's game looks good...Mets are up 6-2 in the 5th. Interesting stat just came...Tonight, after 72 games, this is only the SECOND HR hit by a left fielder, and, this is coming from Trot Nixon, a newbie on the team. Hmmmm...Isn't the outfield supposed to be laden with power hitters? Speaking of, Nixon, it's ironic there is also a Castro. Somehow, I feel like its a Jeopardy!game... Heads of state for .300 please.

I'm happy the way they are playing tonight. Season can still be salvaged. So, my note to a certain reader is... "Believe, BB!, Believe!"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time for a Random Met -- Dave Telgheder

No game today, so let's have some fun and take a blast from the past with none other than former Mets hurler. Dave Telgheder Stats

Dave was with us 3 years, most notably in 1994 when he pitched in 24 games and finished the year with a 6-2 record with a 4.76 ERA. His role was limited the next two years and signed on as a free agent with the Oakland A's, and spent 3 years in Oakland before fading out of baseball. He signed with the Indians in 1999, but never made it back to the show.

How many of you out there remember Dave? Many people pronounced his last name as Tail-Gaiter. If there are any die hard fans with a Telgheder shirt, let me know!

Last I heard he was doing some announcing for a minor league team on Cable TV.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Will the Manuel Era Be Run By the Manual?

Mets Manager, Jerry Manuel.

I dunno. I have a hard time getting used to it. It just doesn't have a euphonious sound. It seems as if you have to stumble to say it.

In any event, the first pitch of game 2 of his career is about to be thrown and I am wondering, pondering, contemplating, much like a philosophy student does, why I remain a Mets fan. There is NO way I will change despite these bumps and bruises.

Naturally a new style will be brought to the dugout. Manuel had success with the White Sox. Then again, so did Jeff Torborg and what did HE do for the Mets. Managerial Record

Last night, Reyes got in a to-do with Manuel after the first AB. I just hope things improve.

OH, on a funny note, Steve Somers of WFAN ( tonight kept wailing that the Mets have to get rid of Carlos Delgado. Odd?

Maybe the political pollsters should switch that McCain vs. Obama question to "Carlos Delgado. New York or Bon Voyage?"

My vote is....(Pack the Steamer Trunk)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Changing of the Guard

So must for prognostications (see my previous post's title).

I was shocked when I heard the news, but not surprised. Seems like the media had the pressure to get some shakeup in the Mets org.

I can see firing Peterson. No question he is a good coach. But, he was allegedly responsible in the past for getting rid of Scott Kazmir and predicting he could get Victor (Where The Hell Is He Now?) Zambrano straightened out within 10 minutes. Middle and late relief has been folding. Tom Nieto? First Base coach canned? OK. Not much of a loss.

But I have one suggestion since we are cleaning house and starting a new regime. And, this makes a ton of sense.

Get rid of the freakin' bat boy too!

Let's see what this shake up does. Right now, I am not seeing players walk on water as they are losing to the Angels 4-1 in the top of the fourth.

The prediction in this corner is that Willie Randolph, unable to get a flight back to NJ, becomes a coach with the Dodgers. Willie was class. I liked him. I doff my cap to you #12 (while simultaneously exposing my bald pate).

Monday, June 16, 2008

Willie Is Still With Us - Who Else Will Be?

There was an email I received from a colleague today and the story was such that ownership of the Mets gave Omar Minaya the carte blanche to jettison some of the coaches on Willie's staff. Does this bode for a turnaround? I don't think so, but to my gut instinct, the word scapegoat comes to the fore.

What I am trying to figure out is why Rick Down was fired. Sure, he wasn't a superstar player, but a man who understood the mechanics of the swing and could quickly analyze and fine tune a players swing. The end result was an elevation of their ability.

A caller on WFAN the other day had an interesting point. Since Rick Peterson may be on the hook for the middle relief implosion, why not hire Leo Mazzone. He did wonders with the Braves. (Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine, Avery etc...). But that same colleague is opposed and said there is a Braves-Mets stigma. Maybe, but I rather have Leo Mazzone in my circle of friends.

Oprah had her makeovers, we need a Coach-over. (and a few other players may benefit with different zip codes)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let's Play Two - Rangers

The legendary Ernie Banks loved baseball so much, he was quoted as saying, "Let's Play Two."

Today the Mets did just that. And, instead of embarrassing themselves like they have in previous weeks, the games came together.

Despite losing the first, the Metropolitans rallied back strong to come within just one run. As a long time fan, this is what we want to see, rather than laying down.

In game 2, Martinez looked good and seems to have his command back. Beltran was hitting, and nothing can be better when the stars gel and knock the hide with the wooden stick.

Let's take a moment here and think of the Mets as being like the stock market during the dot-com bubble. High. Low. Drastically high. Drastically low. As long as it evens out to playoffs, this is what we should care about.

Well, one other note, I have Sunday tickets and was unable to make today's game. I gave the ticket to a good friend of mine from High School. Hadn't seen him in years, but we IM and I sent the tickets via snail mail. Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away - I Want To See Baseball Today

Too many raindrops coming fast and for many hours.

Tarp on field. Game called.

Turn the page - maybe a doubleheader make up?

(What's wrong with 18 innings of baseball?) - Nothing.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Sigh Of Relief

Short post tonight. Tired. Long work week.

But it was nice to see both Pelfrey and Perez, two guys I have been critical of (I don't dislike them) had very good games this week, as did Santana. Ironically, Perez pitched well and so did the bullpen.

There was some good hustle in the game. A routine grounder to the Texas 1B, Chris Shelton wound up as a batter reaching base rather than slogging down to first. My coaches always yelled "RUN IT OUT!!!!" and that makes sense. Box Score

Saw a crawl on the screen saying the Mets got Trot Nixon. He was a player showing tons of potential when he was a rookie. Perhaps he can be a good player and contribute. The transaction says it was for cash and a player to be named later. I will name that player I want out NOW... Aaron Heil _ _ _ (see if you can guess the missing letters, man).

Let's keep in mind, the Mets team needs to ALL play like starters, not fill-ins.

AND, on a sad note. A personal tribute to Tim Russert. As serious as he is on politics, he often called in on the NYC sports radio shows and showed a good, fun, passionate sports fan side. Tim, I'm gonna miss ya!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can A Psychic Figure out What is Going On With the Mets?

I had the opportunity today to score two tickets to the Mets-Diamondbacks game and was all keyed up for a much needed sojourn from the office.

Beautiful day. Seats in the shade. A good friend / professional colleague who I haven't seen in awhile. Good conversation at the ready.

First seven innings is like artwork. Santana, flawless. Chalked up 10 strikes, issued only 3 hits, 3 walks and the Mets were putting a few numbers up on the board.

And then it happened. That dreaded pitch count philosophy. It is akin to saying, "we'll only make this top spin 100 times, despite the fact it may be in a groove and still look good spinning, but we don't want it to spin too much. Santana got the hook from fisherman Willie and then the chaos started. Joe Smith, a sidearmer I admire, put two runs on the board for the Diamondbacks. That was OK. Mets were still up 4-2. But, there was one point when the Mets had 3 men on, no out and could not execute the simple act of getting a human being to traverse the basepath a mere 30 yards to touch the plate for that comfy run.

So, Schoenweiss comes in for a cup of coffee, 1/3 inning and then when the ball is handed to Billy Wagner, it came apart at the seems. He imploded. The crowd was stunned. We were like Hiroshima / Nagasaki observers -- and couldn't do anything about it. Game is tied, and a bit of optimism was emoted when a few reached base. Alas. (say it as if you are reading Shakespeare), it was not to be.

So, what happens to the artwork that Santana painted? Aaron Heilman. The Flushing Queens version of Lazlo Toth (go ahead, click the link and look him up -- it makes the image more cerebral) struck and it was all over.

Heilman, who is 0-3 - before I ever finish that sentence, I want to know what/why/how he is staying here.

More fun coming up for the Mets. Now we have to figure out a way to play the Texas Rangers -- if it is tough playing teams you know, imagine what must transpire to take on Josh Hamilton, David Murphy and Milton Bradley of the Texas Rangers.

My advice? Fasten your seat-belts and have a ChAIRsick bag nearby.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Roughed The Diamonds

What a see-saw and emotional game.

Pelfrey got it together and lived up to and exceeded his press clippings. This is a major confidence booster for:

  • Mike
  • The Team
  • Fans
  • Management
  • Apparel Manufacturers

What hard luck...You know in the 9th, when the pitch hit Reynolds and it was not called a BB, I was relieved and said out loud - That break went our way. What happens next? BOOM, a smack over the fence and tied it up.

Beltran finally came through with a nice 2 Run HR...Mets only came from behind on 5 wins this year. A stat which I alluded to in the past, but the Mets need to start making this a practice.

Tomorrow, Jo-San. I'm there. Let's win

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pitching 101 - Not a Primer - Just a Wonder Why....

"pitch count" is the big obsession these days.

John Maine was going well tonight and then they pull him due to a pitch count. He hit 101. Big deal. That is one throw for each Dalmatian if you want to look at it. That's not bad. Tossing a ball 101 times can't be that taxing. If it were, please explain all the complete games the "old timers" threw - and these workhorses pitched for years and despite the lack of good equipment, conditioning, technology, and the excess of their vices (smoking, etc.) these guys were iron men with rubber arms.

Steve Somers on WFAN had a good point tonight during the rain delay. Why pull a pitcher at all when they are doing well and have momentum going? What will an extra 10 pitches do? The only thing that should be taxed are cigarettes, not a players arm.

Mets are tied now after leading. I'm going to grit my teeth. The Mets were playing well...let's hope Willie and Rick Peterson reevaluate some of this obsession with hitting 101.

NOTE: Diamondbacks have given up fewest walks and runs and are second in Ks in the NL.

Monday, June 09, 2008

A Big Test...Need to Cut the Diamonds

Monday off should help the Mets. They are about to face one of the toughest teams out there in the Diamondbacks.

I heard a stat the other day that said the cross town rivals, the Yankees, won something like their last 9 of 11 games coming from behind. This is what is missing from the Mets. From 2005-7, there was always a feeling the Mets could come back.

The team needs to learn 1) How to hold a lead. 2) How to come back from a deficit.

Play a little more hustleball and check the tudes at the door.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

9 Credits in Philosophy. 3 Credits in Psychology And I STILL Can't Figure Out How...

The Mets LOSE to the Padres.

Blatant loses.

No Luck.

Bad Breaks.

Defies laws of physics, logic and reality.

Someone needs to sit me down and do some 'splainin'

Glad its Monday - no game. Did I just say that? Yeah. I need a one-day "suspension" too.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Oliver Perez is Pitching Tonight - So That Means...

BUCKLE UP! It may be a rough ride.

A good friend, D.G. is a long time Pirates fan and he always points out that Oliver Perez was a "throw in" when the Mets traded Xavier Nady for that broken down, much traveled Roberto Hernandez.

The Mets really need to fish or cut bait with Perez. If he continues to disappoint, the morale of the team will surely suffer.

I heard a caller on the radio today say that "if you give Perez enough time, he can give up 13 hits and walk 10 in 3 innings."

With that, I am going to watch the game and be patient.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Leave it to Schoenweis to Finally Emerge and Blow it.

I dunno...It felt like the aura of John Franco was in the stadium last night. Bad team. Bases loaded, tie game and Scott Schoenweis - who, in his defense, has been stellar lately, but mostly, since donning the colors of blue and orange has been, just, well, average.

So, what does he do? His throw merely was a Plink to the batter and the winning run scores. See Story

I had to overdose on Alka Seltzer and Brioschi to tame the nerves in the stomach.

NOTE: This Video of Schoenweis Killing It is not for the faint of heart. Keep the smelling salts nearby.

OH, in my humble opinion, he belongs on the previously cited New Orleans Safari.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Shopping List...Outfielders - Future Mets

Anyone who knows me know I am a big fan of Diamondbacks outfielder, Eric Byrnes. Partly because of his irreverent wit he displays on The Best Damn Sports Show Period and also for the way he hustles at bat, on the base paths, in the field. He reminds me of the Charlie Hustle and the Brett Butlers of the world.

He would bring a big lift to the club house. Take a look at what his manager said:

He beat me to the park today," manager Bob Melvin said. "He's running around like a chicken with his head cut off, trying to create as much of a stir as he can. He can't sit still. He's in the clubhouse. I'm sure he's on the concourse running around during a game."

There are some Mets who are on the current roster, plus a few on the farm that would be perfect to package and send.

Well, the game against the Padres just started, so I am going to retire from the blog scene tonight and root for the Metropolitans.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Shrinking the Giants

On a rare day where I worked from home, I had a chance to see the Mets-Giants game. (For my supervisors and folks that sign my W-2, it was on in the background and I glanced over every now and then. Sadly, this is true.

Maine pitched a good game and seemed to have control. Reyes 2008 is getting to be Reyes of 2007 -- getting on base consistently.

Matt Cain is a tough pitcher. How tough? For a rightie, something like 120+ innings passed before anyone stole a base. I wish Reyes did it against him, but he did it to his counterpart, K. Yabu.

Momentum seems to be picking up. There are approximately 100 games left in the season and all that hullabaloo (gees, hope that last word gets through spell check) about firing Willie Randolph seems to have faded away. And that's a good thing.

Thursday pits us against the Padres who have been woeful of late. A sweep is a must.

On another Mets related note, I went to a benefit for The Childrens Therapy Center tonight and the SWAG bags were donated by the Mets.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Could You Imagine This Pitching Line-Up?

As the last few blog posts have been not dainty on Oliver Perez, here's another thought to ponder.

Can you imagine if the Mets did indeed win the Barry Zito Lottery (I would think winning a lottery via email is a bit more credible - and, YIELDING -- SOMETHING!)

What would the fans be like with his current 1-8 record with over 5.00 ERA and 1.75 WHIP? Add Perez into that...

Taking a short look, the combined #'s would be as follows... (prior to game)

  • Starts - 24
  • Wins - 5
  • Loses -12
  • Hits - 126
  • Runs - 85
  • Earned Runs - 73
  • Innings - 118.1
  • ERA - 5.56
    WHIP - 1.69
Now the fun part..

  • Walks - 74
  • K's - 82
Doesn't this make you more eager to get up to go to work tomorrow? Perez is making $6.5 m and Zito, $14.5m - $21m when combined. Its like robbing a bank.

'Scuse me, this is my ledge that I am jumping off..go find your own.

NOTE: Take a look at the cartoon. Seems like it is perfect for GMs who sign bad ball players

Time for TWO New Nicknames...

Jo-San (Pronounced Yo-SAN) - for good ole' # 57

OliverPariah - For Ollie Perez

Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunday Night Baseball -- In PERSON!

I was a bit miffed when they moved the Sunday afternoon game to Sunday night. Usually at that time, I'm winding down and getting ready for work the next day, but last night, all the elements came together.

The night was beautiful. Sitting in the upper deck, the wind was nice the air was clean and the Mets played some stellar baseball under Johan Santana. Box Score

It was also his 100th career Win! See AP Story

The magic was there and the team rallied with 5 runs in one inning. After Ryan Church his is dinger, the place went mad chanting "RYAN CHURCH!!! RYAN CHURCH!!!!"

Tonight, Monday, is well, not going well.

After traveling cross coasts, the Mets are under Oliver Perez who just gave up a ton of runs in 1/3 of an inning.

What is interesting, as I check it now, his ownership in the ESPN leagues is around 63% -- and its up 10% today as typical of a daily starter. But what I want to see tomorrow is what it will drop to. If any of these ESPN players are smart (full disclosure, I dumped him a LONG time ago). My prediction - a bold one - is he will dip below 40%. People have wised up.

I don't understand why Willie would leave him in after 4 runs scored, especially with 1/3 inning completed.

Here's some scary #'s for Perez Outing:

IP - 0.1
H - 5
ER - 6
BB - 2
K - 0
W - 0
SV - 0
ERA - 162.00
WHIP - 21.00

Numbers don't lie, but in this case, I wish we could get Pinocchio to tell a fib. Box Score

Addendum to Yesterday's Post

Add Oliver Perez to the New Orleans Tour

Sunday, June 01, 2008

If I Could Be a Travel Agent, Some Folks Would Get Free Trips to New Orleans....

So, here I am thinking, on a beautiful sunny Sunday before I leave for the Mets - Dodgers Game (8pm) if I were a travel agent, what would I do that would most benefit the .... METS.

Well, I just did a check and the flights from LaGuardia to New Orleans start at $323 and go to $583.

The departure date is June 2, and the return is November 1.

Here is the flight list:

Aaron Heilman
Carlos Delgado
Mike Pelfrey
and, Maybe, Carlos Beltran (who needs to hustle more and show a good attitude.

This would be a carry your own luggage and make your own agenda when you hit the Big Easy.

OK, now that's out of the way, Let's Go Mets! Santana, I am looking forward to a dazzling performance. (And, I don't have to hear Joe Morgan tonight!)