Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let's Play Two - Rangers

The legendary Ernie Banks loved baseball so much, he was quoted as saying, "Let's Play Two."

Today the Mets did just that. And, instead of embarrassing themselves like they have in previous weeks, the games came together.

Despite losing the first, the Metropolitans rallied back strong to come within just one run. As a long time fan, this is what we want to see, rather than laying down.

In game 2, Martinez looked good and seems to have his command back. Beltran was hitting, and nothing can be better when the stars gel and knock the hide with the wooden stick.

Let's take a moment here and think of the Mets as being like the stock market during the dot-com bubble. High. Low. Drastically high. Drastically low. As long as it evens out to playoffs, this is what we should care about.

Well, one other note, I have Sunday tickets and was unable to make today's game. I gave the ticket to a good friend of mine from High School. Hadn't seen him in years, but we IM and I sent the tickets via snail mail. Hope you enjoyed!

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Thanks for the tic, Paul.