Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Roughed The Diamonds

What a see-saw and emotional game.

Pelfrey got it together and lived up to and exceeded his press clippings. This is a major confidence booster for:

  • Mike
  • The Team
  • Fans
  • Management
  • Apparel Manufacturers

What hard luck...You know in the 9th, when the pitch hit Reynolds and it was not called a BB, I was relieved and said out loud - That break went our way. What happens next? BOOM, a smack over the fence and tied it up.

Beltran finally came through with a nice 2 Run HR...Mets only came from behind on 5 wins this year. A stat which I alluded to in the past, but the Mets need to start making this a practice.

Tomorrow, Jo-San. I'm there. Let's win

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