Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Changing of the Guard

So must for prognostications (see my previous post's title).

I was shocked when I heard the news, but not surprised. Seems like the media had the pressure to get some shakeup in the Mets org.

I can see firing Peterson. No question he is a good coach. But, he was allegedly responsible in the past for getting rid of Scott Kazmir and predicting he could get Victor (Where The Hell Is He Now?) Zambrano straightened out within 10 minutes. Middle and late relief has been folding. Tom Nieto? First Base coach canned? OK. Not much of a loss.

But I have one suggestion since we are cleaning house and starting a new regime. And, this makes a ton of sense.

Get rid of the freakin' bat boy too!

Let's see what this shake up does. Right now, I am not seeing players walk on water as they are losing to the Angels 4-1 in the top of the fourth.

The prediction in this corner is that Willie Randolph, unable to get a flight back to NJ, becomes a coach with the Dodgers. Willie was class. I liked him. I doff my cap to you #12 (while simultaneously exposing my bald pate).

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