Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Could You Imagine This Pitching Line-Up?

As the last few blog posts have been not dainty on Oliver Perez, here's another thought to ponder.

Can you imagine if the Mets did indeed win the Barry Zito Lottery (I would think winning a lottery via email is a bit more credible - and, YIELDING -- SOMETHING!)

What would the fans be like with his current 1-8 record with over 5.00 ERA and 1.75 WHIP? Add Perez into that...

Taking a short look, the combined #'s would be as follows... (prior to game)

  • Starts - 24
  • Wins - 5
  • Loses -12
  • Hits - 126
  • Runs - 85
  • Earned Runs - 73
  • Innings - 118.1
  • ERA - 5.56
    WHIP - 1.69
Now the fun part..

  • Walks - 74
  • K's - 82
Doesn't this make you more eager to get up to go to work tomorrow? Perez is making $6.5 m and Zito, $14.5m - $21m when combined. Its like robbing a bank.

'Scuse me, this is my ledge that I am jumping off..go find your own.

NOTE: Take a look at the cartoon. Seems like it is perfect for GMs who sign bad ball players

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