Friday, June 20, 2008

Thanks to MLB Managers. The Employment Report for June Will Reflect a Deficit

Another day, another job opening. But, this is not for a slot at McDonalds, but rather at the helm of an MLB dugout.

The Mariners, (Jhon Maclaren) and the Blue Jays (John Gibbon) and our beloved Metropolitans have replaced skippers. When you think of it, that is 10% of the entire teams are cutting their managerial force. Jack Welch must be proud. He espoused the idea of cutting 10% of a business every year.

How far reaching is this? Well, the following article by David Lengel of the UK's Guardian covered it. Since when is the UK interested in baseball? My view, the more the merrier!
See: Mariners match Mets for incompetence on and off the field

Tonight's game looks good...Mets are up 6-2 in the 5th. Interesting stat just came...Tonight, after 72 games, this is only the SECOND HR hit by a left fielder, and, this is coming from Trot Nixon, a newbie on the team. Hmmmm...Isn't the outfield supposed to be laden with power hitters? Speaking of, Nixon, it's ironic there is also a Castro. Somehow, I feel like its a Jeopardy!game... Heads of state for .300 please.

I'm happy the way they are playing tonight. Season can still be salvaged. So, my note to a certain reader is... "Believe, BB!, Believe!"

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