Sunday, June 29, 2008

Perez and Delgado Shut Me Up Today -- And I Am Grateful

As you may have inkled (that is past tense for an inkling) in several recent posts, I have gone postal over the performances of Ollie Perez and Carlos Delgado. Let's face it, the reasons have been legit, but I don't write for the sole purpose of bashing, but rather a personal analysis, color commentary and a bit of mystery tossed in.

So, today, I buckled my seat belt upon taking my seat (incidentally, I "walked" down a bit -- a few rows closer.

The place was packed and there was a good rivalry. But, you always get nervous with Perez. He was nothing short of brilliant. 8Ks, 0BB and 7 Innings....seems Koufax-like numbers, but I am not set to anoint ""46" as the next "32." Ollie didn't panic. And you could sense it. There was only 1 time where it looked like the Yankees would tie it up, but he kept his cool. Kept the pitching white-hot.

Delgado has been on fire. Another HR...I think I have seen maybe 6 of these in person.

What a thrill to beat the Yankees. On our grass. In our house. Which will be a flat land, eerily taken away by -- not eminent domain - but always remembered. And, the sandman, Ole Billy Wagner, shut em down.

Check out the box score for posterity, proof and pride.

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