Friday, June 13, 2008

A Sigh Of Relief

Short post tonight. Tired. Long work week.

But it was nice to see both Pelfrey and Perez, two guys I have been critical of (I don't dislike them) had very good games this week, as did Santana. Ironically, Perez pitched well and so did the bullpen.

There was some good hustle in the game. A routine grounder to the Texas 1B, Chris Shelton wound up as a batter reaching base rather than slogging down to first. My coaches always yelled "RUN IT OUT!!!!" and that makes sense. Box Score

Saw a crawl on the screen saying the Mets got Trot Nixon. He was a player showing tons of potential when he was a rookie. Perhaps he can be a good player and contribute. The transaction says it was for cash and a player to be named later. I will name that player I want out NOW... Aaron Heil _ _ _ (see if you can guess the missing letters, man).

Let's keep in mind, the Mets team needs to ALL play like starters, not fill-ins.

AND, on a sad note. A personal tribute to Tim Russert. As serious as he is on politics, he often called in on the NYC sports radio shows and showed a good, fun, passionate sports fan side. Tim, I'm gonna miss ya!

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