Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Shrinking the Giants

On a rare day where I worked from home, I had a chance to see the Mets-Giants game. (For my supervisors and folks that sign my W-2, it was on in the background and I glanced over every now and then. Sadly, this is true.

Maine pitched a good game and seemed to have control. Reyes 2008 is getting to be Reyes of 2007 -- getting on base consistently.

Matt Cain is a tough pitcher. How tough? For a rightie, something like 120+ innings passed before anyone stole a base. I wish Reyes did it against him, but he did it to his counterpart, K. Yabu.

Momentum seems to be picking up. There are approximately 100 games left in the season and all that hullabaloo (gees, hope that last word gets through spell check) about firing Willie Randolph seems to have faded away. And that's a good thing.

Thursday pits us against the Padres who have been woeful of late. A sweep is a must.

On another Mets related note, I went to a benefit for The Childrens Therapy Center tonight and the SWAG bags were donated by the Mets.

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