Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunday Night Baseball -- In PERSON!

I was a bit miffed when they moved the Sunday afternoon game to Sunday night. Usually at that time, I'm winding down and getting ready for work the next day, but last night, all the elements came together.

The night was beautiful. Sitting in the upper deck, the wind was nice the air was clean and the Mets played some stellar baseball under Johan Santana. Box Score

It was also his 100th career Win! See AP Story

The magic was there and the team rallied with 5 runs in one inning. After Ryan Church his is dinger, the place went mad chanting "RYAN CHURCH!!! RYAN CHURCH!!!!"

Tonight, Monday, is well, not going well.

After traveling cross coasts, the Mets are under Oliver Perez who just gave up a ton of runs in 1/3 of an inning.

What is interesting, as I check it now, his ownership in the ESPN leagues is around 63% -- and its up 10% today as typical of a daily starter. But what I want to see tomorrow is what it will drop to. If any of these ESPN players are smart (full disclosure, I dumped him a LONG time ago). My prediction - a bold one - is he will dip below 40%. People have wised up.

I don't understand why Willie would leave him in after 4 runs scored, especially with 1/3 inning completed.

Here's some scary #'s for Perez Outing:

IP - 0.1
H - 5
ER - 6
BB - 2
K - 0
W - 0
SV - 0
ERA - 162.00
WHIP - 21.00

Numbers don't lie, but in this case, I wish we could get Pinocchio to tell a fib. Box Score

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