Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Blame Game

Willie bo Willie
Banana fana fo Fillie
Fee Fi Fo Fillie -- WILLIE.
The Blame Game..

A tune of the 1960s (The Name Game, recorded by Shirley Ellis) has that perpetual chorus and that is what we seem to be hearing nearly a week after the dismissal of the beloved/(be-hated***? - depending who you ask) Willie Randolph.

George Vescey has an interesting column in today's New York Times worth a gander: "The Blame Game"

Regardless, I loved Willie, but he is gone. We have to give Jerry the respect he deserves as skipper and support him to win. We must remember the old adage, "The King is Dead, Long Live the King."

NOTES: Good win today for the Mets, 3-1 over the Rockies. Interestingly, these two teams were the ones who epitomized two words last year: Ascent and Nadir. The Mets, though it has been drilled many times, took a downward skid, and the Rockies had their 15 minutes of fame (stretched out over a 20+ Win in a shade over 20+ games in the home stretch. And, both teams are shells of themselves. Baseball is a game of changes...that's what makes it wonderful.

Light schedule tomorrow, but Santana is pitching...Always worth the price of admission...

***I Know. It's not a word.

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