Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pitching 101 - Not a Primer - Just a Wonder Why....

"pitch count" is the big obsession these days.

John Maine was going well tonight and then they pull him due to a pitch count. He hit 101. Big deal. That is one throw for each Dalmatian if you want to look at it. That's not bad. Tossing a ball 101 times can't be that taxing. If it were, please explain all the complete games the "old timers" threw - and these workhorses pitched for years and despite the lack of good equipment, conditioning, technology, and the excess of their vices (smoking, etc.) these guys were iron men with rubber arms.

Steve Somers on WFAN had a good point tonight during the rain delay. Why pull a pitcher at all when they are doing well and have momentum going? What will an extra 10 pitches do? The only thing that should be taxed are cigarettes, not a players arm.

Mets are tied now after leading. I'm going to grit my teeth. The Mets were playing well...let's hope Willie and Rick Peterson reevaluate some of this obsession with hitting 101.

NOTE: Diamondbacks have given up fewest walks and runs and are second in Ks in the NL.

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