Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Will the Manuel Era Be Run By the Manual?

Mets Manager, Jerry Manuel.

I dunno. I have a hard time getting used to it. It just doesn't have a euphonious sound. It seems as if you have to stumble to say it.

In any event, the first pitch of game 2 of his career is about to be thrown and I am wondering, pondering, contemplating, much like a philosophy student does, why I remain a Mets fan. There is NO way I will change despite these bumps and bruises.

Naturally a new style will be brought to the dugout. Manuel had success with the White Sox. Then again, so did Jeff Torborg and what did HE do for the Mets. Managerial Record

Last night, Reyes got in a to-do with Manuel after the first AB. I just hope things improve.

OH, on a funny note, Steve Somers of WFAN ( tonight kept wailing that the Mets have to get rid of Carlos Delgado. Odd?

Maybe the political pollsters should switch that McCain vs. Obama question to "Carlos Delgado. New York or Bon Voyage?"

My vote is....(Pack the Steamer Trunk)

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