Thursday, September 28, 2006

Time for Another RANDOM MET


I don't know how the proprietary algorithm came up with Dave Kingman, but we were all familiar with him during his few stints with the Mets. Dave was known for two things (and, I am not sure what order is appropriate because you could make an argument for either case.

In the spirit of John Kerry, I will include both:

  • Hitting Home Runs
  • Striking Out


  • Striking Out
  • Hitting Home Runs

A quick count by my calculator (yes, I did this by hand) shows Dave hit 154 home runs with the Mets in 2323 AB with 672 Ks. With all those dingers, he led the NL with 37 in 1982. (And you KNOW how much I LOVE the triple, well, he hit a whopping total of 6 of 'em. For a perspective, my boy Jose Reyes hits 6 triples before he even steps out of the house every day).

Will Kong ever make it to the Hall of Fame? Doubtful. He's one of a few players with 400+ round trippers (I believe that Darrell Evans is one too) that are longshots.

But Kong, we would have welcomed you back the other day with the Mets losing two games by a score of 25-1.

Stay tuned for more Random Mets.

The NEXT Team That Will Beat The METS!

This is getting ridiculous. I hope that the Mets are really doing this to finesse the other teams, and then coming back full guns in the playoffs. There is something to be said for clinching too early -- too much complacency. Here is the next team the Mets are destined to lose to if this keeps up:

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crazy - But That's How It Goes...(Mets aren't the only ones who have been derailed)

News on Yahoo today that the Washington Nationals train was derailed...;_ylt=AniwXcfQY4liYbMB4lGuAQ0RvLYF?slug=ap-nationals-trainderailment&prov=ap&type=lgns

It seems as the Mets' train derailed against these crapo teams.

Gents - let's not lose to the Braves. This would be embarassing. If this is the case, I'm personally going to shove an Ostrich and stick my head in the hole.

OK - I'm done ranting.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Drowning In Losses? The Mets Need to Drown Their Sorrows

In my last blog post, it dealt with the victory of the Mets clinching.

What happened since? Have they gone complacent? I'm not sure, but I have a solution - for all the champagne they drank in victory, each player must drink TWICE as many Thunderbirds and Night Train Express in defeat.

Its quite puzzling. They just can't seem to get it together. Getting beat by a bunch of doormats named Pirates, Marlins, Nationals doesn't seem to gel with the winning formula they put together this year. They are flirting with dropping below the .600 percentage mark and just a few weeks ago they were around .630 give or take.

We understand that Willie needs to rest a few of the regulars, but the guys out there on the 9 don't need to rest. They need to hustle. The last few games were all bad. In the three aforementioned series, with the lack of strenght and depth in all these teams, realistically should have produced three loses.

OK, Metropolitans...If you drop more than two in a row now, its going to be baaddd...Real baaaad. This isn't a threat, but if you don't get beyond the playoffs, there will be a lot of pissed off fans.

Monday, September 18, 2006

METS CLINCH! How Sweeeeet It IS!

THIS SAYS IT ALL! 25 Cases of it - DUMPED on all of the Metropolitans PLUS Management!

WOOO HOO! Vintage 1986!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

What's Going On Here? A Sweep By the Pirates? Did Mr. Peabody and Sherman set the WABAC Machine to 1962???

My jaw is on the floor and so is the rest of me laying prostate --think of George Costanza in Seinfeld when Jerry saw him in his aparment and said the famous 'And you want to by my latex salesman' line...

Did we go away for a few days? Did these two - Mr. Peabody and Sherman - pull a trick on us and make it 1962?

Three straight losses to bottom feeders - the Pittsburg Pirates. How did this happen? My answer is the same as the priest's in the Gong Show Movie when he was asked if there was life after death: "Beats the shit outta me." Casey Stengel was given some woeful stock and once proclaimed "Can't anybody here play this game???" That's what it feels like.

Don't get me wrong. John Mane pitched OK. Pedro, well, he was worse than so-so. When I was in the supermarket today (wearing my Mets hat of course), a heavy gentleman in his 40s was riding by on one of those shopping scooters and yelled over (as I was contemplating a cut of meat) -- "Pedro don't belong in NY" I think he does but that last outing stunk out the joint.

Well, the Mets as far as I am concerned are taking that "Magic Number of 1" and are exponentially making it tougher than climbing Everest and breaking the 4:00 mile. Both were done in the past by others and its no longer a barrier. Guys, jump that hurdle Monday night and clinch.

I am tired of my champagne glasses being filled with dust over the last three days.

Monday, September 11, 2006

David Wright - A REAL Humanitarian -THE KID IS ALL WRIGHT

WINNERS: David Wright gets a return visit from young Bobby Singer, who recovered from meningitis after a visit from his Met hero.Photo: Kevin P. Coughlin

Back on August 22 I posted a story here about David Wright being a real role model to a son of a very good friend of mine.

Today, the New York Post talked about it as well: (if link doesn't work, text is below):


September 11, 2006 -- I WONDER what else the Mets can cure.

You didn't even see him coming. David Wright, mega-superstar third baseman for the New York Mets, a guy who makes women weak and men insane, sneaked up in the hallway to join us.

"I've been wanting to see you again for a really long time," Wright said in his shy Virginia drawl to a startled Bobby Singer, 8.

You expected David would be accompanied by fanfare, flunkies, an attitude, maybe. He's the most sought-after face in baseball. Bigger than the Beatles, Springsteen and the Wiggles to my daughter.

Instead, here was a very young man - he's 23 - showing off the boyish smile that, along with his magnificent arms, will earn him $55 million over the next six years.

"I got something for you, too - a bat," David told Bobby.

"Cool! Cool!" the boy shrieked. And they embraced.

It was hours before David would slug in the two-run single that would bring the unbelievable Mets to victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. But to call this reunion unlikely would be understating matters.

Two years ago, Bobby, then 6, lay near death.

He was diagnosed with contagious, deadly meningitis. The sign on his door at Schneider's Children's Hospital on Long Island clearly warned all who would dare enter: "Wear mask and gloves."

On a tour of the hospital on Aug. 25, 2004, David - either a hero or a damn fool - ignored the warning. "I've got three younger brothers at home," he explained to me.

Wright was then a rookie. It would be more than a year before his jerseys would become the hottest in New York baseball - outselling even Derek Jeter's. He entered Bobby's room and shook the boy's hand.

"I was very scared. I was in total agony from a very bad test," said Bobby. "Then a man came in and he said, 'Don't worry, Bobby. Just be brave.' "

Now Bobby, of Long Island, is a Wright freak. "We have to peel off his No. 5 jersey to wash it," laughed his dad, Dave. His mother, Pam, is certain David was responsible for her son's recovery.

"One of the big perks of getting to put on this uniform every day is seeing their faces brighten," said David. "It makes it all worthwhile."

Readers of this column probably know I've been unable to watch a Mets game in a decade, after the scummy antics of the early '90s team broke my heart. But this year, our scrappy, beautiful, first-place Mets are winning it back.

I know they're going all the way.

Loss to Dodgers 9-1 and Marlins 16-5 - OUCH

All I have to say is...

"What in the HELL is going on?"

The Mets looked like they were a bunch of altarboys getting abused by priests (with guns) at a camp-out. There was NOTHING they can do.

Gentlemen - let's get it together. We have a magic # in the works here and we need to get it sooner, rather than later.

See you at the ballpark tomorrow - Let's take home a W.


While baseball is something that is very important to us; and to society, we must take a moment today to pause and reflect on the events of 9-11-2001.

Because of that tragic event cultivated by heartless, sub-human gutless slime, there are many children who will never have the opportunity to play catch with their fathers or go to a ballgame with their dad.

If you know of any such children, give them the gift - take the time to introduce them to baseball. Maybe get them tickets to a game and be a mentor. 1 Day can be a huge difference in their lives.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Random Met - When The Going Gets Tough...

The Teufel Gets Going!!!!

I had MAC who penned the recent blog posting on Steve Trachsel select the Random Met this time with my proprietary secret algorithm.

Here we have, I guess by serendipity, a Met from the classic year, 1986, Tim Teufel. Tim was popular and a staple at second, but not much power with the lumber. He hit 14 baseballs out of the confines of a baseball diamond in '86 to match his career high.

Timmy was acquired from the Twins in a pre-season trade in January 1986. Traded by the Minnesota Twins with Pat Crosby (minors) to the New York Mets for Billy Beane, Bill Latham, and Joe Klink. Somewhere along the line, the pot was probably sweetened with a bag of practice balls and a fungo bat.

Interestingly, there is a lot of magic at second base this year with Valentin who came into his own. Is this a foreshadowing and mirror of 1986? Let's hope!

Timmy, we saw you at the Mets' 86 reunion (on TV) and you still look like you can play. Lace up them cleats again, brother.

And, for those too old to remember and too young to forget, "When the going gets tough, Timmy Teufel got going!"

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Two Dozen (Plus 1) Donuts! & Some other ramblings

A few tidbits and kudos...

First, to "my boy" Jose Reyes, who is making us forget about all the other "can't miss"shortstops on the Mets...Rey Ordones, etc...What a show of HUSTLE! Nice inside the park homerun which is textbook...see kiddies, remember a few blogs ago I talked about the fundamentals of running?

According to the announcers of tonights game against the Dodgers Box score: the Mets have had 25 consecutive scoreless innings against their opponents. Strong pitching...strong offense, strong defense. How can one be a cynic of the Mets now?

Until tomorrow's game...instead of counting sheep to get to sleep, I am going to count scoreless innings.

Trachsel is good, real good. Reliable too - I told you so***

***This is a guest blog from one of my colleagues, MAC. We are both die hard Mets fans, but take different views about the subject of this blog. I have never been a fan of his, MAC is... Read On...

Take it away MAC...

Trachsel ain't flashy. He's boring. And when you watch him, he takes so long to pitch, you fall asleep. But his numbers -- the double-digit wins, capable ERA and WHIP, and general reliability -- made him one of my favorites.
-Eric Krabell, ESPN

That’s how I feel about Trachsel in a nut shell. In a year where the Mets have had as many as 9 starting pitchers on the roster (Pedro, Glavine, Trachsel, Hernandez, Perez, Pelfrey, Bannister, Maine, Williams) one has been there all year. Trachsel. My friend and Blogmaster likes to call him Stevie Trash-Can, but these numbers prove otherwise.

This year he is:
1.06 WHIP
2nd in the NL in wins
3rd in the NL in Winning percentage
5th in the NL for Walks
.971 fielding percentage

Since the All-Star break:
10 games
6-228 Walks
6 Hits/game
In 7 games gave up only 3 or less earned runs
Wins included San Diego, St. Louis, Florida, and Cincinnati (All possible Wild Card Teams)
Yes- his ERA (5.02) is ugly. I can admit that. Not every pitcher is lights out. Yet the Mets give ST more run support than any other pitcher this year – THEY PLAY FOR THIS GUY! Willie put it nicely after ST’s ugly loss to the Braves on Monday.

"As long as he keeps winning, it's (his ERA) not a concern at all," Randolph said. "It's about winning games. Sometimes you're not going to always do it pretty."

All teams need a good strong reliable veteran pitcher. Not one who is flashy and a bull - that’s an ace – but someone who is a strong middle or end of your rotation. Someone who will last an entire season. Someone who will eat up innings. Someone who will not make mistakes. And someone who has been in the league long enough to know which way is up, help the young bloods and add positive charisma and leadership quality to the locker room.

Trachsel is better than any 5 or 4 pitcher out there, and this year is an amazing 3 starter. You only need 3 good pitchers in the playoffs… can you find a better guy that ST right now for that role?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Triple - The Holy Grail Of Baseball-1-2-3

For years, people have been clamoring for the Home Run. And that's great. What can be better than socking one out of the park and having up to 4 gents with the same logoed garments simultaneously chasing each other around the bases? I'll tell you. It's the Triple. Often taken for granted, this is probably the hardest offensive stat to acheive. In fact, this year, our beloved Mets are 4th in the majors (at this stage of the game) in the three-bagger. Now, why do triples appeal to me? You need to hit the ball right on the mark. You need to have judgement. You need speed. OH, and luck plays a role too. How many times have you seen a ball hit to the corner field and the player winds up with a single? Other times, he is bounding to third. The key is to Hustle! Of course, there are other variables too, the speed at the ball being hit, the carom, and the judgement of the fielder.

Click the link in the title of this blog post and it will bring you to the active triple leaders. Interestingly a bunch of them are on the Mets or have played for the Mets. (yes, this includes Ruben Sierra who was signed by the Mets, but never even donned a Mets Uni). Jose Offerman, Carlos Beltran, Julio Franco, Michael Tucker, Fernando Vina and Jose Vizcaino. This list is through 2005 and "my boy" Jose Reyes came into the year with 23 triples in his first three years and as of this writing, has a major league-leading 16 three baggers to bring his career total to 39.

Can Jose encroach Sam Crawfords' record of 309?'s See, Let's hope. Let's pray. (for you folks who get humor about skating, I just performed a "Triple Lets"

On that note, I will bid you all adieu and thanks for bearing with me. There's a song on the radio now that is apropos to this blog...Now everyone sing, "Once, Twice, THREE Times a.....Triple."

I think you get my obsession with the triple.

Hey Mets - Make Some Noise With The Bats - Harpo Marx is Louder

An Open Letter to The New York Metropolitans -

Gents: Please make some noise with your bats. This is not the early 1990s. Mo Vaughn is gone, so is Bobby Bonilla and John Franco isn't serving up anymore gopherballs.

Would love to see you playing past September 30.

Start hittin' em.

Respectfully Yours,