Monday, September 18, 2006

METS CLINCH! How Sweeeeet It IS!

THIS SAYS IT ALL! 25 Cases of it - DUMPED on all of the Metropolitans PLUS Management!

WOOO HOO! Vintage 1986!

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reallyYankeeFan said...

I just got in from a night out in Queens seated Mezz Section 31, Row/Box A Seat #1 from Gate E 2 rows up from the Glatt Kosher hot dog stand. My little bro and I never been to a winning Mets game ever -- we used to come see the Atlant Braves chop on the Metropolitans all the time though - now we were there with a purpose -- we sat right to the left of the foul pole and the only thing I remember besides asking the Mets to hit it towards us (bec. we were clearly sitting on the fould side of the pole) -- was the most obnoxious dude who calls himself the Cow-Bell-Man #20 with his cowbell clanging right in my ear. OK, it was a little unusual to see the Mets clinch the Eastern Division -- I want them to win. I want them to succeed. I wanted to be at a meaningful game, because if they don't win now, it won't be fun watching them later on struggle with their pitching and hitting and all the little things that will ultimately win the American League a world Championship.... so, even though "this one's in the books" it's not over!

Congrads New York Metropolitans

PS - this is the only f'in team I know that makes you celebrate with parking at the Remo Park and getting to the stadium via a big yellow bus. I felt like I was in 3rd grade again -- lucky for me it was a chance to see a shutout minor league game ;)

Stabbed in the heart - ok, but I at least got to switch seats to be near Shawn Green... he got hit by a pitch, but between innings threw a ball into the stands just over my head...