Friday, September 08, 2006

Random Met - When The Going Gets Tough...

The Teufel Gets Going!!!!

I had MAC who penned the recent blog posting on Steve Trachsel select the Random Met this time with my proprietary secret algorithm.

Here we have, I guess by serendipity, a Met from the classic year, 1986, Tim Teufel. Tim was popular and a staple at second, but not much power with the lumber. He hit 14 baseballs out of the confines of a baseball diamond in '86 to match his career high.

Timmy was acquired from the Twins in a pre-season trade in January 1986. Traded by the Minnesota Twins with Pat Crosby (minors) to the New York Mets for Billy Beane, Bill Latham, and Joe Klink. Somewhere along the line, the pot was probably sweetened with a bag of practice balls and a fungo bat.

Interestingly, there is a lot of magic at second base this year with Valentin who came into his own. Is this a foreshadowing and mirror of 1986? Let's hope!

Timmy, we saw you at the Mets' 86 reunion (on TV) and you still look like you can play. Lace up them cleats again, brother.

And, for those too old to remember and too young to forget, "When the going gets tough, Timmy Teufel got going!"

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