Thursday, September 07, 2006

Two Dozen (Plus 1) Donuts! & Some other ramblings

A few tidbits and kudos...

First, to "my boy" Jose Reyes, who is making us forget about all the other "can't miss"shortstops on the Mets...Rey Ordones, etc...What a show of HUSTLE! Nice inside the park homerun which is textbook...see kiddies, remember a few blogs ago I talked about the fundamentals of running?

According to the announcers of tonights game against the Dodgers Box score: the Mets have had 25 consecutive scoreless innings against their opponents. Strong pitching...strong offense, strong defense. How can one be a cynic of the Mets now?

Until tomorrow's game...instead of counting sheep to get to sleep, I am going to count scoreless innings.

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