Thursday, September 28, 2006

Time for Another RANDOM MET


I don't know how the proprietary algorithm came up with Dave Kingman, but we were all familiar with him during his few stints with the Mets. Dave was known for two things (and, I am not sure what order is appropriate because you could make an argument for either case.

In the spirit of John Kerry, I will include both:

  • Hitting Home Runs
  • Striking Out


  • Striking Out
  • Hitting Home Runs

A quick count by my calculator (yes, I did this by hand) shows Dave hit 154 home runs with the Mets in 2323 AB with 672 Ks. With all those dingers, he led the NL with 37 in 1982. (And you KNOW how much I LOVE the triple, well, he hit a whopping total of 6 of 'em. For a perspective, my boy Jose Reyes hits 6 triples before he even steps out of the house every day).

Will Kong ever make it to the Hall of Fame? Doubtful. He's one of a few players with 400+ round trippers (I believe that Darrell Evans is one too) that are longshots.

But Kong, we would have welcomed you back the other day with the Mets losing two games by a score of 25-1.

Stay tuned for more Random Mets.

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