Monday, October 02, 2006

Do We Need Pedro (Guest Blog from MAC)

Hello All -
Once again, my colleague MAC has a lot to get off his chest and thus, we are about to be treated to some high-fallutin' often controversial stuff.

Let it rip. (PS, I agree, as much as we love Pedro, if he's not able to perform during the playoffs, why showcase a liability. Would rather win with a lesser named pitcher than lose with an icon).

Take it away MAC... (Note - this was written on Friday morning, Sept. 29 before it was announced that Pedro wouldn't be back until mid-2007....

Pedro Martinez has been great for the Mets and we are sad to see him not be part of the playoff roster, however, this is not the downfall people believe it to be. Pedro was 0-3 with an 11 ERA in his past three starts; I don’t want that in the playoffs. Also Pedro only accounted for 9 out of the Mets 94 wins. They are NOT reliant on him. So who do we have?

Hernandez is 9-3 in the post season with a 2.55 era and since he came to the Mets he’s 9-7 with over 100 strike-outs .

Glavine – 14-7 and a great veteran ball player with 12 wins of playoff experience.

Maine – This guy was an ‘extra’ in a trade this year and he’s been huge for the Mets. He’s 6-5 this year with a 3.64 era in 15 games. He also only has 30 walks this year (No Playoff Experience)

Traschsel – He’s 15-8 this year and gets the most run support of any pitcher on this team. (1 Game Playoff Experience. No Decision)

I am very happy with my staff. Those bats have started to turn around and the good old Amazing’s are back in town. LETS GO METS!

This is UltiMETFan1969 again....And there you have it.

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