Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tip Of The Hat To Omar Minaya

Aw right.

We lost. But you have to admit that the teams put together under Omar Minaya really REALLY gel.

I don't understand what the thinking was when Steve Phillips was in charge. Let's face it, he kept a lot of players on the team for a long time that shouldn't have been there (John Franco, to name one). And many times, Steve Phillips traded away someone for nothing, then wants to give the store away for this same player in a following year (Jeremy Burnitz- and remember Fernando Vina?).

Omar looks for good players and has an eye for talent for developing players.

Omar, for next year, let's get some good bat, strong arms, great attitudes and players with courage who work their hearts out.

Here's a mini shopping list (and more to come):

  • Barry Zito
  • Dontrelle Willis
  • Alfonso Soriano

Let's get some steamer trunks and bid bon voyage to:

  • Steve Traschel
  • Ricky Ledee
  • Roberto Hernandez

1 comment:

Mark the Spark said...

I would also kick off Victor Zambrano, Chris Woodward, Valentin (unless he wants to play backup), and not sure about Green (he is really showing his age).