Thursday, October 12, 2006

He's The Opponent - But, He IS the BEST Player in the Game

Readers of this blog, please don't think of me as a Benedict Arnold for writing anything other than the Mets. This is an observation on the type of player you want to emulate -- and have on the Mets!

He may be an opposing player in the series against the Mets. But you have to take you hat off to Albert Pujols - as a player, and as a human being.

Pujols is a model of consistency and take a look at his stats:

What's amazing is the first six years of his career, 2006 marked the most games he missed - 19.

He's got a good glove - career fielding percentage of .993 - and when you take a look at his appearances on the leaderboards, it is just mindboggling.

As I am writing this, the first game of the Mets playoffs against the Cardinals commenced. It was nice to see Glavine strike him out. This will hopefully set the tone of the series.

Mets in 4!

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