Monday, October 23, 2006

Kenny Rogers Pitched Well -- And He DIDN'T Shove Any Camera Men!!!

It's uncanny*, but also a testament to athletes and baseball players that a man with a 42-year-old arm can still hurl a 5 ounce stitched ball at the minimum driving speed on the New Jersey Turnpike (estimates are around 95 mph) and still be a dominant force.

Personally, I don't like Kenny Rogers. He was a big bust as a Met (Dolly Parton, YOU don't compare) and he pissed a lot of people off with his 'tude and his trumped up skills. But this year under the tutelage of Leyland and Co. he's been resurrected...And that gives great hope to other older players.

Now, here's a bit of Irony (to quote Col. Flag in M*A*S*H "Irony is Ironic") - Rogers, at one time during his career was getting a W-2 from 5 teams that made the post-season playoffs this year. (Click headline for his record)

  • Yankees - 1996-97
  • Oakland - 1998-99
  • Mets - 1999
  • Twins - 2003
  • Tigers - 2006
During his career he also had THREE stints with the Texas Rangers. I'm beginning to think all this movement at some point he was married to Elizabeth Taylor (more than once, of course).

But besides having the same appellation as a famous country singer, he is remembered for shoving some poor camera man when "Little Kenny" was having a bad day. The Kenny Rogers I like performs songs in front of cameras - NOT "songs and dances."

Of course that "substance" that was on Roger's person is very suspect. I believe somewhere (perhaps even sitting together) Gaylord Perry and Joe Niekro enjoyed seeing Rogers with gunk.

Let's see what happens the remainder of the World Series. As this is being written, we are awaiting Game 3. It is an exciting series? Well, I LOVE baseball, but with the Mets not in it, let's just say I don't wait for a commercial to get up and re-load my seltzer.

*You don't have to refer to a member of the X-Men to use that phrase

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