Monday, September 25, 2006

Drowning In Losses? The Mets Need to Drown Their Sorrows

In my last blog post, it dealt with the victory of the Mets clinching.

What happened since? Have they gone complacent? I'm not sure, but I have a solution - for all the champagne they drank in victory, each player must drink TWICE as many Thunderbirds and Night Train Express in defeat.

Its quite puzzling. They just can't seem to get it together. Getting beat by a bunch of doormats named Pirates, Marlins, Nationals doesn't seem to gel with the winning formula they put together this year. They are flirting with dropping below the .600 percentage mark and just a few weeks ago they were around .630 give or take.

We understand that Willie needs to rest a few of the regulars, but the guys out there on the 9 don't need to rest. They need to hustle. The last few games were all bad. In the three aforementioned series, with the lack of strenght and depth in all these teams, realistically should have produced three loses.

OK, Metropolitans...If you drop more than two in a row now, its going to be baaddd...Real baaaad. This isn't a threat, but if you don't get beyond the playoffs, there will be a lot of pissed off fans.

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The Teeth of the Green Monster said...

Ahhhh Thunderbird....I've been drinkin this stuff by the case since the Red Sox imploded like Joe Paterno's bowels this weekend (thanks for the essential sideline report Bonnie). Anyways, here's my overdue congrats to the Mets on their playoff berth. Yo Ultimetfan, easy on your boys. Be happy you can look forward to October baseball. I on the other hand, look forward to finding out which is more painful, reading/watching coverage on the woeful Red Sox for their final few meaningless games or carefully sharpening a pencil, shoving it directly into my ear while listening to Tim McCarver throw out gems like this throughout the playoffs "Like a rusty razor through a thick beard...that's a bad swing by O'Neill"