Friday, June 27, 2008

Trounce The Yanks On Their Turf

Today was the first time this year I went 'cross town to the rivals' Yankees house and I must say, a friend and I were treated to a great game. Originally, this was slated for a Friday in May, but was rained out.

Mets were nothing short of brilliant. I have been rough, tough and salty on Delgado, but today, he had a very good day. 2 Hrs (one a granny, one a 3-run and doubled in 2 to give him 9RBI.
See Box Score

In essence, the Mets of today were like the Mets of 05, 06 and early 07 - run scoring machines.

Tonight, the second part of the day-night doubleheader, they are being shut out in the 7th. Boys, I hope that rally happens.

Well, on to Sunday, where I will be back at Shea and I just saw that --- GULP ---- Ollie Perez is pitching.

Not that I root against him, but he's consistent..that is, unpredictable. That's what we KNOW - but we don't know the outcome. All I ask is that Ollie has a break-out like Delgado.

Incidentally, Michael Kay on ESPN Radio was saying that Delgado's efforts today was a result of Major League pitching gone diluted.

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