Monday, February 18, 2008

Never Mind Ground Hog Day - Spring Begins Today!

Pitchers and catchers reported last week, so, the rest of the puzzle was completed today when position players make their way to Florida (Grapefruit) or Arizona (Cactus).

We really don't need a groundhog in Long Island or Pennsylvania to tell us when spring is here.

It is evident when you see lines of guys doing calisthenics with high numbers on their backs.

I am really getting ready to come out of sports hibernation and looking forward to a strong 2008. We have Santana locked and I have a feeling another deal or two is in the works to shore up another player or two.

Oh, and Fantasy Baseball is becoming a reality this year. In 2007, I signed up to play for the first time in only 1 league. This year, I signed up for 3-4 and may go 5 (always gotta have that guinea pig team.

See you here again soon.


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