Monday, April 05, 2010

Pass The Salt - This Crow I'm Eating...

If you read the previous blog post (hopefully someone reads this besides my mother - she's very sympathetic!) you will note a bit of dour sarcasm and fear that I had for the Mets.

Today, a good portion of that was alleviated.  They played with verve.  They surprised. They had magic - or as the Seinfeld episode once touted, "kevorka."

Wright's HR was spectacular.  It wasn't hit - it was launched.  Santana looked like the ace he was.  The ball he hurled moved with the right velocity and it baffled batters.  Just as his job description calls for.

So, now it comes time for me to don a bib, carefully take the knife and fork (as I learned in Finishing School) and dine on the crow that I must eat for being so --- dour. 

Wednesday we come back and take care of the Marlins again.  They are always a tricky team and you never know who will show up.

All I know is I am glad to be back!

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