Monday, July 28, 2008

Fish Got REEL Good

Emotional see-saw for tonight's game. I am not feeling chipper enough to offer a pithy (or pissy) analysis. But, I do want to say that Fernando Tatis is an unheralded hero to this team.

In the coming days, I have an idea for a blog which I will explore a bit, so dear reader (I am assuming one other person besides me reads this. Would love for it to be plural, so friend, help me out and tell another friend about this blog).

A question mark is probably over the head of John Maine as he left the game with some tightness. Let's hope its minor. Quick L tonight, lick the wounds...

Go get the fish tomorrow, you scrappy Metropolitans.

Interesting Note...So, I see that Hanley Ramirez, who was taken within the first 5 players amongst us Fantasy League types, has an odd stat. 24 Slams over the Wall, but only 47 RBI. Yes, he's a leadoff guy, but still, that seems delgado (er, Spanish for Skinny).

MALCONTENT ALERT -- Playing Major League ball is the dream of millions of kids (and probably ten times as many adults), but you have every now and then, someone who had to be beat with a monkeywrench as a child. In this case, I am talking about the soon-to-be-Ex-Red Sox, Manny Ramirez. No player in baseball has been tagged more loony than him. This dude definitely has toys in the attic. His latest remark of (paraphrased) I'm tired of the Red Sox and they are tired of me" is absolutely asinine. Manny, stay away from the Mets. We don't want your antics. Matter of fact, this wanna-be-MLBer-scribe says leave the game, immediately and give some chap in Triple-A a chance to get to the bigs. We are wise to your game and you cried WOLF (not Randy Wolf) too many times. To quote Clubber Lang of Rocky fame, "I pity the fools who pick him up next..."

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