Friday, July 18, 2008

A Loss? Man, that is rare

So, the Mets tallied an L for the first time since the Grover Cleveland administration (the first term, not the second). And it was bound to happen. But the feeling from this round corner is that it is no big deal...Maine wasn't himself, and from what stat has been bandied about post game, he has gone only 19 innings in the last 4 starts. Not great, but starting pitching needs to come around and go 7. I promise not to go postal here with pitch counts, etc.

A little bit better execution could have happened. Beltran legged out a valiant triple to lead off the inning and no one could get him the fare to travel 90 feet that inning. This is the type of plays that win or lose ball games. I believe the word I am searching for is "decisive."

Pedro's start has been pushed back and El Duque didn't exactly wow them in his rehab, so we must be on guard here.

Tomorrow we take on the Reds again. Let's get 2 outta three and attribute Meat Loaf's mantra, "Two out of three ain't bad"

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