Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pelfrey - I Like-Y

So, Mike Pelfrey has turned me from a crusty curmudgeon "atheist" in his ability to a believer. A friend of mine, who used to do an occasional guest blog here (MAC) said to me last year, Pelfrey is legit. Wait. I did for a bit, but got tired (Jerseyites give about 10 seconds, TOPS!).

In the last 5 starts, he brought it around. In a fantasy league I am in, I stupidly traded Tim Linceum early in the year making a bold prediction he would suffer a sophomore jinx. Some freakin sage I am, right? Well, I was going to pick up Pelfrey for a spot start tonight, but surmised it would be a loss against the Mighty Tim.

Pelfrey put up some good numbers, didn't issue a BB and had 7 shutout innings. Plus, the team knocked the ball around including Argenis Reyes (pictured) with his first hit. For those who saw the broadcast, the ball was rolled back to the dugout, grabbed by Fernando Tatis (Yes, an HR tonight!) and he faked a toss into the crowd with a dummy ball.

Giants don't have much of an offense, but their mound presence is strong. Should be a good series. Just 1 1/2 games out. Don't ever discount the Mets -- NOT EVER.

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