Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catching the Phillies - and Other Perps

Mets are closer to the Phillies than ever before. Within the last 45 days, doom and gloom were the thematics being bandied about by fans (and the legions who were joining the ranks of ex-fans or hopelessly disenchanted).

But in this bizzaro world, the team has come together and not only is it mathematically possible, it is also attitudinely (man, is that a word?) probable.

It is always best to sit in second but in striking distance. Takes the pressure off and inspires better play. An example I can recall is circa 1993 when the Yankees and Blue Jays were going at it gang busters. No matter what the Jays did, they stayed in first, but the Yankees stayed pounding away. This is what the Mets need to do. It is probably best to break out of the catbird seat (hope I am using this phrase correctly) and then take the lead around mid-August.

Let's see what Omar has up his sleeve for the trade deadline. I have a feeling a big name will come east, but the key is not to deplete the farm.

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