Thursday, July 17, 2008

X in A Reau

10 in a Row. Ten in a Rau. It all sounds the same -- GOOD.

Mets are now EARNING their wins with some hard fought come from behind victories and not laying down when an opponent has crossed the plate more than they have.

Santana pitched so-so, but the lesson here is that everyone must contribute. AND, how about that Fernando Tatis. Is he on track to becoming "Comeback Player of the Year?" Every year there is a hidden Gem and he appears to be a leading candidate.

One note I want to share is that on ESPN radio today, Peter Gammons was asked which of the two New York baseball teams he thought could go to the playoffs - without hesitation, he said the Mets as they were "the hottest team in baseball."

That, I may add is excellent kudos, considering the Mets were at the 40 degree below mark (Centigrade AND Fahrenheit -- kiddies, look up this stat and reference, you will be amazed) -- ice cold.

We'll catch up. The weekend is coming and we are tied with the Phils for first place. Did I just write that? Yes. Can I believe it? Why, uh, YES!

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