Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nice W over the Giants...Barry Zito? Zee-WHO???

I had the chance to take in some of the game today, live, in-person. It was the day before my final day at my job and I decided that Shea would be my venue for my lunch Menu.

Maine, in my opinion was paradoxical. He had several strikeouts, but looked like he was struggling and he put a lot of homo sapiens on base by issuing 4 balls out of the strike zone.

A bit later, I had to leave. My supervisor called for a 4pm meeting, so I left in the bottom of the 5th. OH, when I got back to the office, the meeting was canceled, else I would have parked it in the blue seats at Shea. A special thanks to the unnamed guy who gave me an extra ticket he had when I got shooed away from sneaking into the Box area. Us die hard Mets fans watch out for each other.

A special Kudos to Fernando Tatis who is tattooing the ball. A guy I sat next to at the game today had a British accent. He used to live in the US and then moved back to his native UK, but told me he catches ALL the Mets games online. He said he wasn't too familiar with Tatis, but as I was about to leave, he told me he liked the way he played. Can't argue with that London Logic.

So, the word Streak can now be used in a positive way as the Mets put more than 5 Ws together. It is all a matter of time. It's not how fast you play in May, but where you end up in late September.

For the true stat junkies, here is the box score.

Something else to ponder...I was listening to Steve Somers on WFAN and the topic was who to trade for Matt Holliday of the Rockies...a consensus was Aaron Heilman, and if you had to, Pelfrey. I'd go an alternative route: Heilman, Schoenweis and a prospect.

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