Sunday, July 06, 2008

Waiting at the DMV Can Now Be a Pleasant Experience...

Today was a "Perfect Storm" of sports events. But, all seemed to run long time wise beyond expectations.

Wimbledon started and was stopped by two rain delays. (I tuned into a little of that).
Track and Field Championships for the US Olympic team caught my eye.
Tour de France (as a cycler, I envy these bikes..WOW)
And, the Mets...

What a long, entertaining, spine-tingling, spellbinding affair. Ollie Perez was Brilliant! (YES, I said that!) and I think he finally has his confidence back to pitch tough against a tough team and hold them to only 1 run.

Beltran's stick was stellar. Reyes was spot on with the acrobatic defense.

But, Wagner, Oh My. Did he put us through the hoops. 2 Out. 2 Strikes in the 9th. Up by two...then BOOM. A tie.

I have to add here, that in a spirit of serendipity, I fell asleep on the couch during part of the rain delay. I woke up, no lie, just as the first pitch was about to be thrown. Chalk one up for efficiency.

So, as the game was tied, we were running out of players and pitchers. I immediately thought of that Bugs Bunny episode where he was stranded on an island with 2 matches. Well, Tatis, the man who hit two grannies in an inning back in '99 pulled through again. It is nice to see another #17 (Kudos to Keith Hernandez) hitting and winning.

Two down, we gave the Phils one and Monday its ours to take 3.

Box Score (lot of innings to absorb)

PET PEEVE TIME: OK, let's get a little more hardy and have pitchers face more than 1 batter or a third of an inning.

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