Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A....no...more like BOOOOOOOOO

OK. See the picture at the left? Now its time to match the image with the situation of the July 22 Mets game where they imploded in the last inning to the Phillies. After "securing" a 5-2 lead, all that was needed was 3 cheap outs.

With Wagner out, Duaner (HEY TAXI) Sanchez was called in for closing duties. Instead, it looks like the same Taxi came by and prevented the door from being shut on the Phillies.

So, now it's time to test your prowess...

A. Carlos Beltran for lazily strolling to two bloop-like flies in the 9th.
B. Duaner Sanchez for Loading em up
C. Jose Reyes for allowing an infield hit and not stepping on the bag with bases loaded
D. Pedro Feliciano for bobbling a chance for an ending inning double play with a toss to first.

As I am writing this, its now the bottom of the 9th, one on, down by 3, Wright just struck out. You know what, I am going to end this just like the Sopranos..

As the pitch is being thrown, the music is queued up... "DON'T STOP BELIEVING...."

Fade to Black

Box Score

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