Monday, December 08, 2008

Winter Meetings - 08

An esteemed colleague of mine who shares my initials, though the letters are of an inverse nature, said to me today, "Hey, why haven't you blogged in awhile?"

Honestly, I had no legit comeback. So, I am going to post tonight and hopefully a LOT more.

Today, outside, it is colder than penguin droppings, but that has not thawed my love for baseball or the Mets.

I was at that very last game and as painful as it was, I am looking forward to the team rebounding this year.

We need to be like snakes and shed dead skin (Heilman, Schoenweis, etc) and become butterflies and develop (K-Rod - CC Sabathia, etc). Maybe an 8th inning chap like Huston Street would be good. (Can you imagine all the photo ops on Houston St. -- and for those outta towners, it is pronounced "House-Ton" - I have no clue why, but I digress.

Let's keep the sentimentality at a minimum and build a team.

Presently, I am reading Moneyball by Michael Lewis and it is a very introspective book...not only for baseball, but for life. One of my clients and I had dinner recently at a professional event and recommended the book -- from a baseball and biz perspective.

Omar, I am only on page 60 right now, but you should read this book while in the bathroom...believe me, it will prevent you from picking up shit players (as the aforementioned above).

Spring training is coming!!!!

Let's keep talking here...I encourage all posts...

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