Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thinking Like a GM....

So, as it is getting colder than my cards at a Las Vegas casino table, I am pondering the upcoming season and what the Mets need to do.

Recently, a client and I were talking baseball (a rarity, I must say) and he suggested I read Moneyball by Michael Lewis. I am in the process of both reading it and listening to it on CD.

You know, there is a lot of merit in the points being made, and if Omar absorbs the anti conventional way of thinking about baseball, we can find some hidden gems. Of course, with hidden gems, you strike pyrite, thinking it's gold.

There is a line in the book that resonates - a team of 9 Scott Hattebergs can be the best offense. We need to get guys who get on base, take walks, have a high on base percentage and willing to hustle. Omar, go under the radar some time....there may be something there that is basically "hidden in front of our faces."

What's good for the Mets is good for our soul.

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