Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Another 57!!!!!!

Today. It's. Official.
Really, there is no need to make three sentences out of the first line, but it has to sink in now that we have K-Rod for the next few years.

One thing I noticed is that he wears #57. So does Santana. This should be interesting to see who ponies up the rights to wear that esteemed numeral.

Any Bill James disciples out there? Is this the first time the #57 is a duplicate on a baseball team?

Let's hope that K-Rod lives up to his promise. The Mets have had a long tradition of high priced / high profile closers that haven't amounted to much (Looper, Benitez, etc).

Now, all we gotta do is trade Schoenweis (FOR ANYTHING) and Heilman (FOR ANYTHING, LESS)

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