Thursday, December 11, 2008

We got rid of a Dick *(heilman)* and got a Putz


Last night as I was hitting the hay, I heard a "THIS JUST IN" in the sports report.

2 Sentences later, I leaped for joy! (The Mets Have Traded Aaron Heilman........) and to interject here, I would have been elated if the next few lines were "for 2 pretzel vendors and an usher..."

Glad to get rid of him. He was a level of total frustration (read a slew of previous blog posts) and quite frankly, helped the Mets lose a lot of games.

What do we get in return? HOPEFULLY a bit of stability in the Pen. JJ Putz was hurt for a bit last year -- but the last few years had some stellar numbers. The good thing is that Putz said while it wasn't his ideal role (8th inning set up man), he was going to pitch like it was a save situation. Go Get em JJ!

One footnote, that, you don't have to be Kreskin to figure this out, but the man's last name is pronounced POOTZ....First time he blows the game, you can hear the fans at She--er, CitiField call him PUTZ!

The sucky part is we lost Joe Smith. Omar, please get a decent sidearmer! (And Why oh Why couldn't you have unloaded Schoenweis?)

To close, (no pun intended) - remember the Seinfeld episode with Keith Hernandez? There were two instances when it came to friendship that you wouldn't help anyone move or take them to the airport?

Well, this is an open note to Aaron Heilman....Give me a call..I will help pack your steamer trunk, take you to ANY airport and bid for the privilege to yell the loudest BON VOYAGE you ever heard.

Putz -8th. K-ROD, 9th. Shut em down!


Anonymous said...

HAHAH, bye bye Heilman!!!

Mets still have more holes to fill in their line-up. Omar, you better not be done yet.


Andrew said...

Omar = GM of the Offseason.Lets see how he does when they start playing

Anonymous said...

My journalist Met fan friend called Schoenweis a "Hump" a year and a half ago and I can only agree.