Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Wish for 2009

We are starting a new year and for 2009 I am wishing the following:
  • Another appearance and win in the World Series. What a great media story winning after 40 years from the first - 1969.
  • Solid management. Think before you strike.
  • Patience at the plate. Take a few walks. Make the opposing pitchers work harder.
  • No more garbage players - Schoenweis, Heilman, etc. We need players who contribute.
  • This goes without saying - a solid bullpen. After experiencing 29 blown saves last year, this was the crux of the meltdown.
  • For JJ to be a "Pootz" and not a "Putz"
  • Forget about...Andruw Jones (Done); Manny Ramirez (Oil and Water in the clubhouse)
  • Let's consider - Orlando Hudson at 2B - and, GULP - eating Castillo's contract.
  • Put Moises, Orlando Hernandez and Pedro Martinez on Social Security.
  • Swing High for the Fences and Swing for Derrick Lowe. That one extra starter will be key.
  • OH...and, thank the forces that be for MLB TV - 24/7. Now there will be something for me to watch. Even though I like other sports, Baseball is my #1 Passion!
  • Happy New Year to All

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