Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Landslide Answer in this Debate....

Newsday brings up a solid debate....Oliver Perez or Ben Sheets -- well, I like Ollie, but I don't love him. He's like the stock market these days...erratic. It's like buying Crackerjacks and not knowing whether or not you will get a prize.

What us peeps have to realize is he was a "throw in" in the Xavier Nady for Roberto Hernandez trade. I'm not knocking throw-ins. Ryne Sandberg was one.

See the debate below...I would rather have Sheets...I think there's more upside potential...More Ks. The Brewers were not the best team, yet he still seems to perform well.

Ben...sign here on the dotted line...Ollie, make your millions, but there can only be one winner in this beauty contest.

And now...The Newsday Debate forum...

DEBATE: Should Mets sign Ben Sheets or Oliver Perez?
NOTE: Baumbach's portion is reprinted (reposted?) from yesterday:

JIM: Sheets is a better option than inconsistent Ollie

Ben Sheets won't win any durability awards, I realize that. But when he's pitching, he's one of the best in the NL.

The Mets, in my opinion, are better off giving him a two-year, $28-million deal with a $15 million option that vests if he pitches 360 innings in the first two seasons.

I just don't buy the notion Perez is suddenly turning the corner, for good, and will be a consistent starter with pitching coach Dan Warthen back. Take a look at Perez's stats here. Everyone raves about the last two seasons, but he posted a 1.31 WHIP in 2007 and 1.40 in 2008. No thanks.
Especially not at the rate Scott Boras will negotiate.

ANTHONY: Why all the Oliver Perez bashing?
Yes, he drives the Mets crazy. He may never be a 15-game winner for the next 10 years. But he's young and lefthanded -- which is a big point when you are in a division with the lefty-leaning Phillies -- and has shown he can pitch well in big games. He always takes the ball; sometimes he's great and sometimes he stinks. But he's always out there.

Ben Sheets? Very talented. Effective when healthy. But when the Brewers were trying to wrap up a playoff berth last season, he couldn't pitch. You don't need to spend $30 million on a guy like that.

I agree with Jim that Perez isn't going to turn the corner. He'll probably always be what he is. But what he is isn't all that bad.

The larger issue -- and one we may explore later on -- is that if they sign Perez, with the exception of K-Rod and Putz, the Mets are bringing back the same team as last season.
Is that going to be enough?

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