Monday, January 05, 2009

A Radical Idea - Ken Griffey Jr. A Met? (Well, I Think He's Better Than Andruw Jones)

A blog is a place where you can tout ideas - good or bad. Sane or ludicrous. Valid or Pipe Dream.

I am about to propose something that encapsulates all of the above.

What if Ken Griffey Jr. became a Met? The argument of "He's an American League type player" is bogus as he suited up for the Cincinnati Reds since 2000.

Before you say "WAIT~ He's been injured!!!!" I will stop and say, so has Andruw Jones - and for that matter, most every player who has the fortune of throwing or hitting a ball for a living.

Griffey would bring a senior presence to the team - and he still has a few years left I think. He's driven, unflappable and still puts up good numbers with HRs. Take a look at his stats: See how he's hit MORE home runs in less games from 2005-07 vs. the early 90s. True, his batting average went down a bit, but you can get him for a song and he's going to be a good corner outfielder. Moises Alou despite all his ailments HITS when healthy and I think Griffey can do better.

Andruw Jones? .158 last year...Pass GO, forget collecting the $200. (Besides, Jones looks like he needs to visit a fat farm in the Carolinas. --- Psssst. The AVERAGE is suppose to be up, the WEIGHT down...Simple inverse Andruw.

I'm back tomorrow.

Play Ball!

So, are you with my view on Griffey or shall I get some hiking boots as you are about to tell me to take one?

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