Friday, September 05, 2008

A Fellow Mets Fan Spells Me (Even Cal Ripken Took A Day Off)

Well, As much as I like to write this blog, there are some days where I struggle for a topic. Well, unsolicited a good friend of mine, Mark Tordik, a die hard Mets fan sent this post to me earlier today. Sadly, I just saw it as I was at work and didn't check my personal email.

Mark, your up at bat...

I always hear that the Phillies are better offensively. Well, when it has counted this year against their division rival, the Phillies have faltered.

Mets are 10-5 head-to-head with the Phillies this year scoring 81 runs to their opponent’s 62. Mets averaged 5.4 runs a game. Nice.

Phillies have averaged only 4.1 runs each game against the Mets this year. That’s not a good number, especially against a supposed weak bullpen. I guess the Mets have stepped up their game this year and are playing like they were in all of 2006 and most of 2007.

This is a big series for the Mets and we should be VERY confident that Pelfrey, P-Mart and Jo-San (as well as the bullpen) can get the job done.

“Mr. Met is tired of playing around and wants to finish off the job. Once this series concludes, he’ll be wiping his boots clean of the Philly Phanatic’s guts.”


Editors Note...Mark created a funny video...

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