Thursday, September 29, 2011

LONNNNNNNG YEAR....Time to Hibernate

Where do we start?  Where do we end (well, that is summed up - below .500).

Going into 2011, there were low expectations.  Not only from this dyed-in-the-wool supporter of the orange and blue, but many others.

There were streaks.  Some capped with a W.  Many capped with an L.

A LOT of uncertainly.  Let's use these 4 words; 2 names and 2 verbs.  Wright. Reyes. Stay. Go.  Use every permutation. And, as of the last day + one of the season ending, they are still influx.

I have to say I give Terry Collins a vote of confidence.  He had a lot of junk to work with.  This gives me a good segue - glad we got rid of Oliver Perez and KRod.  Remember Ollie said he would NOT go to the minors?  I was laughing the day I saw he was picked up by the NATIONALS and then sent to their farm team in Harrisburg, PA.  Ever been to Harrisburg?  I lived there for a year.  Pure Hell.  Just desserts ya got, Ollie.

Oh, and Reyes ending the season with a bunt single and taking himself out of the game to win the batting title.  A bit strategic, yes.  But if you get paid a ton of $ and have talent, the view here is to play that last game out.  The true better player will prevail.

Where do we go from here?  Well, in 5 minutes I am going to bed.  Much like 24 (then 40) men did on the Mets roster.

Will I be back rooting next year? Hell yea.  A Mets leopard doesn't change his spots.

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