Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Are We Melting?

Seams Seem to be coming apart. Mets look a little tired, but maybe my eyes aren't following them as slow as they are running the base paths.

OK, I want to gripe here for a moment.

Moises Alou - we knew he was excellent when he played, but overall, fragile goods. Now, I don't want to secondguess-micromanage-sayitoldyouso - but, wasn't that the same reason they got rid of the ever-popular Cliff Floyd?

Well, time to hit the hay. At least I can fall asleep to the Mets losing while they are playing on the west coast.

Oh, one word for Bud Selig: (and, yes, I am shouting: INTERLEAGUE PLAY HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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